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Reaching our priority targets in professional trade fairs

In 2018, ESR participated in 6 strategic trade fairs in order to reach out to its priority targets:  electrical equipment retailers, electricians, installers/fitters, construction specifiers, cleaning and demolition companies. The awareness of all these targets was thereby raised in regards to the recycling of professional WEEE and its challenges, as well as the collection systems that can be offered to them. ESR was present at:

  • SIDEC Lyon, from 14 to15 March to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Sonepar, the trade fair’s organiser.
  • The “Journées de la Construction CAPEC” trade fair from 25 to 27 April in Brest, to publicise Récylum’s offer to craftsmen.
  • REXEL Expo in Montpellier from 13 to 14 June to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Rexel, the trade fair’s organiser.
  • REXEL Expo in Lyon from 3 to 4 October to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Rexel, the trade fair’s organiser.
  • Pollutec, from 27 to 30 November in Lyon, to publicise Récylum’s offer.
  • SIDEC in Marseille, from 5 to 6 December to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Sonepar, the trade fair’s organiser.

Professional partner organisations

Work on streamlining our relations with the professional partner organisations was undertaken during 2018. Without excluding existing agreements, we focused on those which could better serve collection and recycling in order to give a meaning and impact to our development initiatives.  Amongst these, the following partnerships can be listed:

Partnership with the CAPEB (French Building Crafstmen and Tradesmen Confederation)

Capeb ables us to reach out to craftsmen. Besides the information on the equipment that ESR can handle, two services attract the interest to its members: the take-back of professional WEEE directly from their equipment suppliers as well as the work site solution when this is feasible.

CSEEE partnership (French Electrical, Electronic Equipment Trade Union Chamber)

The CSEEE addressed 230 electrical equipment companies in Paris and its region.  Its mission is to provide information and to promote the profession’s know-how. The CSEEE provided us with a forum during one of its commissions in the form of a breakfast meeting, and another one during a conference in Greater Paris, enabling us to reach out to local companies.

FDME partnership (French Electrical Equipment Retailing Federation)

The FDME is made up of the main electrical equipment retailers, enjoys a very strong reputation and is an influencer in the profession. The FDME provides us with a forum during its environment commissions. The Collection Development team participated in the FDME’s Environment Commission on 15 October 2018. ESR was able to present a baseline study on collection to its members regarding their network as well as solutions and recommendations to promote collection with professional retailers. After this, actions to be taken have identified and groups have contacted us in order to optimise collection within their network.

NAVSA partnership (French National Automatic Vending Trade union Chamber)

This organisation enables us to reach out to professionals in automatic vending equipment. In 2018, NAVSA invited us to a Board Meeting in order to present the advantages of joining the sector and implement collection solutions.

PERIFEM partnership (French Technical Association for Commerce and Retail)

Through its members (retail stores, specialised shops and shopping centres) PERFIFEM represents a sector that generates a large quantity of WEEE. During the environment commissions, PERIFEM provides the sector’s partner take-back scheme operators with a forum. ESR was able to present its collection solutions and range of eligible products. Besides presenting collection solutions, work was carried out on identifying and categorising WEEE in order to make it easy for those owning it to return it to the sector.

SERCE partnership (French Electrical Professions Trade Union)

Bringing together the major stakeholders which operate in the “electrical and air conditioning engineering” segment, the participation in the last environment commission gave new impetus in collaboration between the two parties: an action plan in the firing line for 2019 focusing on communication (le professional approach, sorting instructions, a link to the Récylum web site, the creation of a theme page) and traceability (emphasis on the clauses guideline, presentation of Démoclès, waste information sheets per theme, content creation).

Everything you need to know about construction waste on

In 2018 the website went on line to help project owners and managers to direct waste from their demolition and refurbishment work sites to recovery sectors. This very exhaustive site provides practical tools and information to manage legal obligations, establish a special technical specifications document and promote one’s environmental efforts.

The site also includes details on identifying waste, the fate of materials, the recovery organisations, the organisation of the sector and the conditions for accepting waste for the 63 types of products and 16 recovery processes.  A mine of information to consult without delay!

Recruiting, boosting and building loyalty amongst the collection partners in the field

In 2018 the company Tech Sell visited 4,139 professional WEEE collection points on behalf of ESR (1,753 professional retailers, 1,339 installers/fitters and 1,047 end users) The purpose of these visits is to recruit, boost and retain customer loyalty with collection partners by contributing to their satisfaction.  These visits also ensure that sector is not forgotten and that knowledge about is good through training and and the implementation ot communication tools.

The work of teams in the field also ensures that the stakes at stake and instructions in regards to collection are perfectly known by employees, whilst reporting any dysfunctions to ESR and implementing actions in real time to increase tonnages. In 2018, the tonnages collected within the organisations visited increased by 13.6%, with 3,579 tonnes.

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