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Household WEEE

Everything you need to know about communication and information in 2018.

Key figures


millions of visitors on the Eco-systèmes websites


campaign days in 2018

91 557

fans on social media

WEEE recycling on television, at the cinema and on the radio


In 2018, Eco-systèmes was present on the radio, the television and at the cinema for more than 125 days. 5 main periods of broadcasting throughout the year enabled to keep in mind good recycling practices for electric and electronic appliances, whilst promoting and thanking those who made an effort to return their appliances to the officially approved sector.

Two campaigns took place on the television, first with humoristic ads with “Gégé”, “Coco” and “Bibi”, televised from mid March to Mid April. The new offbeat ad “Quelqu’un de bien” (“A good person”) was televised in July. The three new summer ads on the radio were broadcast from mid July to mid August in mainland France and in August in the overseas territories. Three new “Thank you” ads were also shown for two weeks after Christmas.

Lastly, at the cinema, a new TV ad “Quelqu’un de bien” (“A good person”) was shown from 3 to 23 October. The post-test study of this initiative revealed that the impact was extremely complementary in relation to TV targets (more young people and higher socio-professional categories), with an overall satisfaction rate of 91%. The ad was judged as being more than 90% satisfactory in terms of the interesting information provided, of the message’s clarity, the effectiveness in raising awareness, the understanding of collection systems and the positive opinion of ESR (via the Eco-systèmes brand).


Digital relay in communication campaigns

4 waves

of native ads digital campaigns

143 days

of digital campaigns in 2018

Mobile telephones collected at the Solidays concert to raise young people’s awareness

  • 3 days of educational and fun activities
  • 14 volunteer ESR employees
  • 429 mobile phones collected
  • 1,300 people made aware of mobile telephone recycling
  • Opening of an @eco_systemes Instagram account for this event to announce it and to cover it live

7,000 old mobile phones in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, on their way to a second life

In December 2018, the pilot operation “Répondez à l’appel du recyclage” (Respond to a call for recycling) was launched in 6 urban conglomerations in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to encourage the French population to give their old mobile telephones a second life. Thanks to this unprecedented and innovative collection solution, 7,000 old mobile phones were collected to start a second life.

In total, 20 to 30 million unused telephones are stored away by the French population. Their collection with a view to a second life (reuse and recycling) faces several obstacles by users who prefer to keep their old phones “just in case”. To reach out to consumers and incite them to recycle, Eco-systèmes designed a simple and clear collection solution, addressed individually to users. To guarantee consumers the traceability of their phones, Eco-systèmes worked with La Poste to deploy the collection system and with Ateliers du Bocage to recondition the phones.

“Répondez à l’appel du recyclage” (Respond to a call for recycling) consists in sending a kit to residents via the post which contains an explanatory leaflet and a pre-paid envelope into which one or two used telephones can be inserted and returned at no cost. In addition, nearly 10,000 kits were hand delivered by postmen and women within the context of a “commented delivery”. Eco-systèmes therefore relied on La Poste Group’s local and trusted employees to raise awareness in 10,000 households on the recycling of telephones whilst making life simple for them in terms of the steps to follow.

Training local authorities during “speed meetings”

4 speed meetings in 2018

in Clermont-Ferrand, Epernay, Avignon et Dijon

108 people

trained in managing household WEEE at municipal recycling facilities

67 local authorities

represented during these training sessions

Neighbourhood solidarity collection operations break the record in 2018

  • 395 neighbourhood solidarity collection events in densely populated urban zones
  • 35,660 people returned appliances enabling 407 tonnes of appliances to be collected 
  • 5.5 tonnes : this is the new record set by the town of Antony on 1st December 2018
  • 5 new towns joined the event in 2018: Levallois-Perret, Meudon, Longjumeau, Paris 2ème and Asnières.

Nearly 5,300 visits to shops by recycling ambassadors

8 ambassadors

to assist shops in meeting their obligations

5,284 shop visits

in 2018

7,608 persons trained

in the correct management of collection points

94% of shops equipped

with communication materials

Raising awareness amongst young people with Reseau Ecole and Nature

162 events on WEEE

recycling in 2018, managed by

51 local organisations

in the Reseau Ecole et Nature (REN) network, i.e.

3,670 people

informed in 2018

“Listen to your heart" major toy collection operation from 17 to 25 November 2018

25 local authorities

in conjunction with

17 Emmaüs France communities

and 5 social and solidarity economy associations

305 collection points:

  • 135 schools (infant and primary)
  • 129 public venues (town halls, libraries and multimedia libraries)
  • 41 municipal recycling facilities with a specific area for redeployment

707 sacks

of toys collected, i.e.

10.6 tonnes of toys

102 press articles

and more than


on the social networks

Intersector: a major campaign "Ensemble, continuons de recycler !" (“Together, let’s continue to recycle!”)


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