Information and communication


Everything you need to know about communication and information in 2018.

Key figures


millions ads seen in cinemas


pupils made aware of lamps recycling


persons trained in collection in shops

Récylum, partner at the Fête des Lumières (the Light Festival) in Lyon in 2018

100 JC Decaux luminous panels

15 ambassadors and 5 three-wheeled

lit load carriers to raise public awareness

80 areas in Lyon with events

in all of its districts

100 shops fitted

with a Lumibox promotional display

Awareness-raising of more than

30,000 people through direct contact


Reaching out to the 18-24 year olds via the social networks


From 5 March to 1 April 2018, an ad was shown on Facebook and Snapchat raising awareness amongst 18-34 year olds on the availability of lamp collection bins in supermarkets and DIY stores. Young people are a less receptive target for lamp recycling. They are not as familiar with the collection solutions available and the different equipment that is possible to recycle.

To raise awareness, the reference social networks Facebook and Snapchat were chosen due to their affinity with the 18-34 year old target audience, who use these networks on a daily basis. This 10 second ad was viewed more than 2 million times: 824,000 time on Facebook and 1.3 million times on Snapchat.

Recycling lamps quickly and above all, well, with the 5” Challenge


How can you learn the correct way to recycle in record time? This is the challenge raised by the 5 ads that marked the year at cinemas and digitally. Here again, this concerns changing the attitudes and behaviour of 18-24 year olds, less sensitive to lamp recycling that their elders.
Very short and offbeat, these ads were in particular viewed by more than 3.9 million cinema goers between 17 October and 20 November 2018 in addition to the internet users targeted in June digitally.

In addition to specific campaigns targeting young people, the ads were also shown in VOL from the 26 September to 30 October 2018 on 6play, MyTF1, France.TV and Arte +7. They were 100% viewed nearly 12 million times.

Launch of the 6th edition of the Défi Récylum (The Récylum Challenge)


Since 2013, Récylum has proposed an educational project to raise awareness in sustainable development of primary school children and the first year of secondary school students using the example of lamp recycling.  Défi Récylum is based on a solidarity mechanism, in partnership with the NGO, Electriciens sans frontières (Electricians without Frontiers).

By registering at, teachers receive an educational kit free of charge, comprised of several types of materials for the classroom and the student: a guide for teachers, activity booklets and mini Lumiboxes to build by the children and students and posters for the classroom. 9 fun and informative challenges are proposed to the classes, allowing them to better understand the stakes and challenges in recycling lamps and the solutions to do this. For every 1,500 challenges validated by the teaches in their personal space on the site, an electrification mission by our partners NGO Electriciens sans frontières is triggered.

For the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • 3,395 classes were registered
  • 88,235 students informed
  • 2,928 challenges (excluding registrations) validated at 31/05/2019

Meeting collection partners at professional trade fairs

In 2018, ESR met up with its priority target professionals at 6 trade fairs. Whether these were retailers, electrician, installers/fitter, construction, clearance or demolition companies, all were made aware of lamp recycling and the collection systems offered to them. ESR was present at:

  • SIDEC Lyon, from 14 to15 March to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Sonepar, the trade fair’s organiser.
  • The “Journées de la Construction CAPEB” trade fair from 25 to 27 April in Brest, to publicise Récylum’s offer to craftsmen.
  • REXEL Expo in Montpellier from 13 to 14 June to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Rexel, the trade fair’s organiser.
  • REXEL Expo in Lyon from 3 to 4 October to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Rexel, the trade fair’s organiser.
  • Pollutec, from 27 to 30 November in Lyon, to publicise Récylum’s offer.
  • SIDEC in Marseille, from 5 to 6 December to develop its professional retail network, to retain customer loyalty within the branches and nurture the partnership with Sonepar, the trade fair’s organiser.

Professional partner organisations

Work on streamlining our relations with the professional partner organisations was undertaken during 2018. Without excluding existing agreements, we focused on those which could better serve collection and recycling in order to give a meaning and impact to our development initiatives. Amongst these, the following partnerships can be listed:

Partnership with AFE (French Lighting Association), made tangible in 2018 by:

  • A speech at the Metropoles Club during sessions in the towns of Nantes and Grenoble.
  • A forum during the “Eclairage dans les collectivites” (Municipal lighting) seminar held in Strasbourg.
  • The participation in the “Trophées de l’éclairage” (Lighting Trophies) Jury, AFE/ID Efficiency edition.
  • The participation of ESR in the JNL (French National Lighting Day) with a mini stand during the event, the awarding of a trophy as well as a speech at the plenary meeting on lamp recycling focusing on LED.
  • The organisation of an information point on the AFE stand during the Mayors Conference
  • The updating and circulation of the information letter to all AFE’s members to help local authorities in integrating into invitations to tender the regulatory requirements for dismantled equipment.
  • Media visibility via reviews, information sheets and brief news reports.
  • 50 meetings organised with the technical departments of the largest towns in France to present and explain the sector or remind them of sorting instructions.

FNCCR partnership:

Participation in the local retail companies guidance council allowing around a hundred local authorities to be informed. The participants showed an interest in having regional branch and in raising awareness within municipalities.

eVISION partnership:

E-vision provides a communication window to reach out to signmakers. The partnership with this organisation enables us to be made known to all the actors of the sector.

“Gest Pro” campaign


A video entitled “Gest Pro” was created for installers/fitters. Its purpose is to raise awareness amongst professionals on the way recycling is perceived: its a professional gesture, such as wearing security equipment.

This film was shown via two e-mailing campaigns (June and September), the purpose being to redirect the viewer to a dedicated website page. A native advertising campaign was also conducted in order to generate more traffic on our site. The video was sent to our partners. Many of them liked it and passed it on.

Raising public and personnel awareness with Système U

1 major communications operation

throughout the year

1 special “U Mag” magazine

edition on LED for consumers

2 internal “Salons U” events

to inform shops about bulb recycling and incite them to set up a Récylum communication system

2 major general public operations “Good for my Planet”

in the supermarkets (discounts with the U card, pamphlets, specific boxes, demonstrations, on-site publicity material kits, digital media, recycling zones, etc.)

543 Récylum kits deployed

+35% in collection

In September 2018 (compared to September 2017)

8,170 people trained in shops by the recycling ambassadors

13 ambassadors

to assist shops in meeting their obligations

5,782 visits

in 2018

8,170 people trained

in the correct management of collection points

4,200 visits

to installer/fitters, professional retailers and professional users

10 breakfast meetings

to meet trade craftsmen

98% of the units

in good condition, visible and accessible

Training local authorities during “speed meetings”

4 speed meetings in 2018

in Clermont-Ferrand, Epernay, Avignon and Dijon

108 people

trained in lamp and tube management at municipal recycling facilities

67 local authorities

represented during these training sessions

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