Accompanying producers


Everything you need to know about the assistance provided to ESR producer members in 2018.

Key figures

1,163,914 €

eco-fees paid in 2018


tonnes marketed in 2018


member producers in 2018

Breakdown of SFE marketed in 2018 (in units)

Rated load < 1kg or 1L


Rated load = 1kg or 1L

Rated load between 1kg / 1L and 2 kg / 2L


Rated load = 2kg or 2L

Distribution of ESR’s costs for small fire extinguishers


Operational costs:

management and control of transport, decontamination and recycling operations. R&D investment.


Operating costs:

salaries and organisational costs.



waste prevention and incentive to recycle campaigns.

Audit of declarations by members producing small fire extinguishers

In compliance with its obligations in the specifications document for authority approval, ESR must check at least 20% of the tonnages declared by its producer members. This audit enables the correct accounting of declared data to be checked and thereby ensure fairness in sector funding and amongst its members. It also assists members in understanding the scope of declarations and accuracy in reporting.  The understanding and the application of the reference information in the companies audited were assessed using the declarations on the introduction of equipment onto the market in 2017.

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