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Everything you need to know about the assistance provided to ESR producer members in 2018.

Key figures


eco-fees paid in 2018


tonnes marketed 2018


member producers in 2018

Share of LED lamps introduced onto the market in 2018


Share of LED lamps introduced onto the market in 2018


Other lamps marketed in 2018

Distribution of ESR’s costs for lamps


Operational costs:

management and control of transport, decontamination and recycling operations. R&D investment.


Operating costs:

salaries and organisational costs.



waste prevention and incentive to recycle campaigns.

Audit of declarations by members producing lamps

In accordance with its obligations in the specifications document for authority approval, ESR checks more than 15% of the tonnages declared by its producer members. This independent audit checks that the information reported is correct and complies to the reference information provided by ESR, based on the fee scale and guide documents. It also allows any errors observed in the reporting to be identified and assessed.

Any sticking points, misunderstandings or points requiring further clarification to improve reporting quality are given special attention as are producer best practices. The understanding and the application of the reference information in the 20 companies audited were assessed using the declarations on the introduction of equipment onto the market from 2015 to 2017.

After these audits have been completed, each member receives a report in order to better understand and implement the methods in declaring information and its correction. Among best practices recorded, the implementation of internal audits and the existence of a register with reference information in order to complete reporting declarations are strengths within the companies audited. However, several areas of vigilance remain: contributing scope, updating of articles database, declaration of free stock output and the non-declaration of lamps introduced onto the market by a French producer. In 2018, the differences in declared tonnes observed amounted to 142,669 units for the 3 audited years.

Simplifying specific services for members and anticipating changes in the sector

In 2018, ESR established a single portal for EEE producers. ESR producer members declaring several types of equipment (household, professional, lamps and small fire extinguishers) can now complete their declarations on line using a single entry point. This portal is the first tangible element in the simplification of services desired by the merger.

Moreover, members of the European association EucoLight have renewed for a further 2 years the mandate of Hervé Grimaud, Chairman and Vice President of ESR,  Mouthpiece for the ighting equipment collection and recycling sectors present in the different countries in the European Union, EucoLight aims at continuing its work so that the circular economy becomes a reality for lighting products. The application of the Directive (streamlining of regulations and fight against non-contributors) within member states and the eco-design of lighting equipment are priority issues upon which EucoLight will work and position itself over the next two years.

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